How it Works

What's on offer?

How It Works

Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy pathways focus on teaching kids the fundamentals of money management, including understanding savings, creating budgets, and making responsible spending choices. Through interactive modules and real-life examples, children will develop lifelong financial skills preparing them for the real-world.


With our Entrepreneurship pathways children will explore the world of business and innovation. They will learn how to identify opportunities, develop ideas, create business plans, and launch their own ventures. Through hands-on activities and mentorship, kids will gain the confidence to turn their ideas into reality.


By completing lessons, games, and challenges, children earn virtual currency called "honeypots." These honeypots can then be used to purchase rewards within the app, creating a direct link between learning and incentivization. Don't worry parents, you can earn honeypots too! By reading our blog posts and contributing to our forums and discussions, you too can earn rewards from any of our retail partners or our very own Finabee branded digital products.


We Stand Apart from Others

Interactive Learning

Our interactive content keeps kids engaged and excited about learning. They’ll have fun while mastering important financial skills.

Earn Rewards

Both you and your child can earn honeypots, our virtual currency! Just learn, engage with the community or read our content to earn vouchers and digital downloads.

Supportive Community

Join our forums, discussions, and blog posts to connect with other parents who are on the same journey. Share ideas, get inspiration, and learn from each other.

Experienced Educators

Our team of experts includes educators with years of experience in teaching finance and entrepreneurship to children. You can trust their expertise.

Flexible Learning

Our courses are designed to fit into your family’s schedule. Study at your own pace and access the content whenever it’s convenient for you.

Free Access

Once you join Finabee, you’ll have lifetime access to our courses and resources - for free! You and your child can revisit the content as often as needed.

Understand us our objective

Who we are

Finabee is an online platform that provides parents with the tools and resources to teach their children the basics of finance, entrepreneurship, and responsible spending. With our articles, videos, and interactive content, you can give your kids the financial education they never received in school.