Our Story

Understand us our objective

Who we are

At the heart of Finabee lies a commitment to revolutionize financial and entrepreneurial education. We push towards this every day.

As parents ourselves, we understood the void in comprehensive financial learning and lack of focus on inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Thus, our journey began to create a haven where finance meets fun, sparking curiosity and creativity in kids while supporting parents in shaping their children’s financial and business futures. Our platform is more than just a resource; it’s a vibrant community fostering imagination, inspiration, and a lifelong understanding of financial literacy.

Finabee offers an interactive and engaging platform that provides courses, videos and rewards for children, but also articles, “How-to’s” and a supportive community for the adults (plus you get rewards too!).

Join us in shaping a transformative future in which financial empowerment blossoms at a young age within the buzzing beehive of Finabee.


We Stand Apart from Others

Adventure-Packed Learning Hub

Our courses cover everything from budgeting and saving to starting a business. Your child will have a solid foundation in financial literacy and each course is designed to encourage quality family-time along the way.

Interactive Gamified Learning

Our interactive content keeps kids engaged and excited about learning. They’ll have fun and earn rewards whilst mastering important financial skills.

Thriving Community Connection

Join our forums, discussions, and blog posts to connect with other parents who are on the same journey and support one another. Share ideas, get inspiration, and learn from each other.